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Lawmakers introduce impeachment article against Trump

14 Juillet 2017

Two Democratic lawmakers have filed an article of impeachment against United States President Donald Trump. Res. 438) filed by Congressman Brad Sherman and co-sponsored by Congressman Al Green (D-TX).

In it, he accuses Mr Trump of obstructing investigations into Russian meddling in the presidential election, in part by firing former FBI director James Comey. It details the steps Trump took, both in public and private, to silence former FBI director James Comey. In the event of conviction, the president is automatically impeached.

The resolution itself calls for Trump to be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors".

Sherman also said in the statement that he hopes the introduction of the article of impeachment will inspire an "intervention" in the White House that will see "competency replaced by care". Over the last two months, Democratic leaders have shied away from impeachment.

The Republican-led House is highly unlikely to move on the measure either. Perhaps uncontrollable impulses will be controlled.

Donald Trump Jr. met last year with a Russian lawyer, an encounter set up by an acquaintance who claimed Natalia Veselnitskaya could provide the Trump campaign with damaging information about Clinton.

Richard Nixon likely would've been removed from office if he hadn't resigned as he faced impeachment in relation to the Watergate scandal.

"I don't know what the vote will be if I bring this to the floor of the House", he said. "However, if it becomes clear that such consideration is not forthcoming, I (after consultation with colleagues and leadership) will make a privileged motion that the entire House of Representatives immediately debate the Article", he wrote. That was well before the most recent Russian drama unfolded.

Your president is an amateur; he is ignorant and refuses to learn; he lacks impulse control, and his staff refuses to control his impulses. This is down from the 30% chance the site had in May, Fortune notes. Even fellow Democrats are hesitant to back Sherman's efforts. Forty-one percent of those surveyed identified as women, 58 percent as men and 1 percent identified as a gender not listed on the survey.

And that's how Starr got from a land deal to obstruction of justice, perjury and Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky.

Amid mounting allegations of Russian involvement with the Trump campaign, the Los Angeles-area politician described the nation's position as "dangerous" and said in a statement: "The evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now".

Lawmakers introduce impeachment article against Trump