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Beyonce Just Shared the First Photo of Twins Sir and Rumi Carter

18 Juillet 2017

Others ruminated on the selection of Rumi, named likely for the Muslim poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Muhammad. She's taking ownership of the situation (is 'ownership' the new empowering BTW?) She's curating and controlling the way that we can consume her children.

First, she looks stunning. Nobody is throwing up any hand signs, the flowers aren't shaped into anything Illuminati-esque, etc. There are some Illuminati colors in there, though - the organization's colors are red, white and black. Or is it just Sir?

The 47-year-old rapper's new album sees him seemingly confess to being unfaithful to his wife Beyoncé - with whom he has five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and newborn twins thought to be called Rumi and Sir - and the 'Shooter' actor has hailed the star for telling the truth. But confirmation was yet to come from Queen Bey herself.

The controller assured the pilot there is no one on the runway.

After weeks of quiet, Beyonce posted the twins' photo to Instragram and folks were not disappointed.

It wasn't as bad as you might assume. The four million likes in four hours prove that.

"You did what with who?"

The most likely source was Air Canada, but company spokeswoman Angela Mah would only say in an email that the airline is "investigating the circumstances and co-operating with authorities". The famous spouses were said to leave the venue at around 11 P.M., again in separate cars. We're never not fascinated by what Beyoncé is doing.

She looked to already be in fantastic shape as she sported a flowy pink floral dress and long blue veil. And, yes, if I ever find myself pregnant, you'll find me smeyesing for my life beneath a budget flower arch somewhere.

However, knowing this on an academic level does not change my knee jerk reaction which was a profound irritation.

At work? With your gran?

Beyonce Just Shared the First Photo of Twins Sir and Rumi Carter