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Principal » No 'imminent threat' to Boston in wake of Vegas reports — Baker

No 'imminent threat' to Boston in wake of Vegas reports — Baker

06 Octobre 2017

"I want $1 million donated to a victims fund", he said, his voice choking in a telephone interview.

Ms Danley added: "I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together".

"We have to address it and call it what it is, no matter who does it". "There were bloodstains everywhere". Danley's sisters Liza Werner and Amelia Manango live in Australia.

Sheriff Lombardo said: "The bravery was amazing because he remained with our officers, providing them the key pass to access the door and actually continued to help them clear rooms until our officer demanded that he go seek medical attention".

While Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley, 62, claimed to FBI that she knew nothing about his deadly plans, investigators still believe it is highly unlikely the now-deceased shooter was alone. And they vouched for their sister's character, calling her a "gentle soul".

In the crowd there was gunfire, but no gunman.

CBS News has reported he did scout other hotels and concert venues in the Las Vegas area, looking to book specific rooms.

A Red Sox spokesman said the team is working with law enforcement to beef up security.

If Paddock were black, brown, or Muslim, his behavior would have sounded alarms.

President Donald Trump visited Las Vegas Wednesday and met with survivors of the shooting and law enforcement authorities who responded to the scene.

After meeting Geary Danley, she moved to Memphis, Tenn.

Marilou Danley worked retail jobs, selling mostly clothing and jewelry.

Given how little has emerged in Paddock's past that could foreshadow the attack, the "best lead is through this girlfriend", said Sen. Investigators named Danley as a "person of interest" in the investigation.

Couples held hands as they ran. Paddock never turned up, CBS reported. He was known to gamble frequently and extensively. An unnamed hotel source also confirmed the information to DNAinfo, the publication said.

People at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where 22,000 people were in attendance, took cover as bullets sprayed the concert from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, according to authorities and witness accounts.

The officials said that as of midday Wednesday, there was no indication she was aware of Paddock's plans. Eventually, Danley became his regular host.

One sister tearfully said: "I know that she don't know anything".

Faces were etched with shock and confusion, and people wept and wailed.

She and Geary Danley divorced in 2015. She arrived in Los Angeles, where FBI agents interviewed her.

Investigators were examining the possibility Paddock's purchase of more than 30 guns in October 2016 may have been precipitated by some event in his life, Lombardo said.

"She was always cooking", said Christine Riley, 46, a dietitian who lived a few doors down from Danley's former residence.

Also, the weekend before the Las Vegas bloodbath, Paddock rented via Airbnb - and checked into - a condo in a 21-story luxury building in Las Vegas that overlooked the Life is Beautiful alternative music festival, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Tuesday. Public records contained no indication of any financial problems, and his brother described him as a wealthy real estate investor.

Lombardo gave no details on what Paddock was up to.

Around 50 weapons were recovered from Paddock's three premises.

Lombardo's frank comments put into doubt an explanation previously put forward by authorities that he was a "lone wolf".

This particular gun owner is a member of a private gun club in town.

"It just makes less sense the more we use any kind of reason to figure it out", Eric Paddock said in a text message on Tuesday.

No 'imminent threat' to Boston in wake of Vegas reports — Baker